What with all the headlines about Brexit that are currently dominating the news, you could be forgiven for thinking that regeneration schemes are over for good. Quite surprisingly, though, that doesn’t seem to be the case. If you just look out of a London window, you will in fact see plenty of cranes in the skyline - construction is still booming at the minute.

Here’s a list of the projects currently changing the face of Westminster that show regeneration is still very much alive and kicking.


The Paddington Cube


Originally seen as a controversial idea, this 17-storey office space will be completely glass-walled and is set to cost a staggering £825 million. It will also feature its own entrance onto the Bakerloo Line.


Ebury Bridge Estate


Bulldozers are all set for 13 mansions on the Ebury Bridge estate in Pimlico. The council will replace these outdated buildings with around 750 new homes, 343 of which will be affordable housing.


Park Modern Luxury Flats


Even though 1,500 people signed a petition to stop the demolition of the Black Lion Pub outside Queensway station, it is still set to be replaced with 55 luxury flats. The development will also include an underground swimming pool, restaurant and gym.


Cundy Street


Plans have been in place to improve Cundy Street since 2012. Four privately owned blocks of flats will be replaced with bigger developments. After residents complained about the lack of affordable homes in the area, some social housing is now set to be added to the development too.


West London’s Biggest Skyscraper


Paddington’s Merchant Square will be welcoming West London’s biggest skyscraper. This will feature a cinema and sky garden, and will come alongside four new buildings.


Shops And Offices On Carnaby Street


Already a haven for shoppers, Carnaby Street is about to get a whole lot better as a £32 million-development will see the addition of more shops, offices and a leisure complex. It’s expected to be completed in 2021.


West End’s First Rooftop Terrace


An eight-storey office block is set to be built on Oxford Street, which will also be home to the West End’s first rooftop terrace. Soho residents will be able to enjoy priority entrance to the cafe on the terrace and enjoy vistas across Soho Square and Tottenham Court Road.


Church Street


A regeneration of Marleybone’s Church Street has been in the works for quite some time and it now looks like things are starting to go ahead. Half of the planned 1,700 houses will be affordable and there will also be an improved street market and cultural quarter too.


Shops, Offices And A Nightclub On Oxford Street


Around £300 million will be injected into improving Oxford Street. The plan is to demolish 127-143 Oxford Street to make way for an impressive 30,000 sq ft. of new retail space.

So, perhaps Brexit hasn’t brought quite as much doom and gloom to London developments as was expected. These nine projects show that there are still a lot of exciting things to come to the capital!