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Sales Predictions London


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  • Selling A Property In Marylebone

    There is an ever increasing amount of paperwork attached to the sale of your home. If you are thinking of selling a property in Marylebone this year, your solicitor will be able to take you through the process, but below is a quick and easy guide to the kind of information you will be expected to provide:   1) Proof of identity
    You will need proof of your current address, such as a recent utility bill, as well as some sort o...

  • Rental market predictions 2020

    Rental market predictions 2020 2019 was a year marked by plunging supply levels, rising demand and prices, yet more legislation and landlord exoduses. According to Homelet’s index, the average rent rose by an inflation busting 3.2% (to November 2019) and by the same amount in London. The average rent now stands at £947pcm and £1,648 in London and £4,225 pcm In Marylebone (median). The biggest rise was in Wales (+5.2%...

  • Rental News From Manors

    Like the sales market, there is a shortage of stock in the rental market at the moment and that includes homes for rent in Marylebone. At the same time, strong demand from tenants, means we are seeing record high rents everywhere except Scotland and the North East. Outside London, rents have hit a peak of £828pcm - the biggest quarterly rise since 2015. Within London, rents are now £2,104pcm after the biggest jump at this time of yea...

  • Tory General Election landslide victory puts a spring into the market

    Tory General Election landslide victory puts a spring into
    the market The prospects for London’s spring property market look better
    than they have for more than three years, thanks to a
    combination of political stability and progress on Brexit giving
    both buyers and sellers increased confidence. This should mean more owners getting off the fence and putting their
    homes up for s...

  • How to add value to your property in Marylebone

    How to add value to your property in Marylebone Increasing the value of your property in Marylebone could be a great option before you come to sell your property, to maximise of the full value of your property.
    Here are a list with some percentages on potential added value.
      1. Convert your cellar Potential Value Added: Up to 30% Transforming an existing cellar into a living or storage space can boost a p...

  • Top 5 places to go ice skating in London

    Top 5 places to go ice skating in London From stunning historic locations to modern surroundings, check out London's best outdoor ice-skating rinks. Temporary ice rinks pop up in iconic settings throughout the city and are among the top attractions over Christmas and New Year.   Natural History Museum ice rink Skate right in front of one of London’s most iconic museums, as it’s transformed for winter with twink...

  • Coco Momo Marylebone

    Coco Momo Marylebone   NEW YEAR’S EVE The perfect cocktail stop off before you head off into the night to a friends or even, if you’re feeling braver a club! It is always a trick one to organise but Coco Momo is a real safe bet. A beautifully simple and stylish café bar is a Marylebone institution. Come for excellent coffee, open sandwiches, indulgent salads and perfectly served classic cocktails, served with ...

  • House Prices & Statistics Marylebone

    Cheap mortgages, a resilient economy, Brexit fatigue and an endless round of extensions have enabled the housing market to weather the storm created by the referendum far better than most commentators had predicted. And, as we reported last month, there have even been times when the market has performed above the levels of previous years.   However, with an election looming, there is now a temporary hiatus in home sales as we all wa...

  • Regional breakdown of garden spending

    Just as the weather is turning and we are all about to all huddle back inside, it’s good to see how much we value our outside space   According to recent research carried out by Zoopla, us Brits are willing to pay a huge £27,100 premium for a house with a garden or £243 extra per month for those who are renting. As a result of its high house prices, it is no surprise to find the biggest premiums are to be found in Lo...

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