As part of a busy Central London area, Baker Street is always going to be chaotic in the rush hour mornings and evenings. Back in February, part of the road was changed from a one-way street to a two-way street, which caused some disruption but - as always - London continues on.

Baker Street has had a revamp that has taken some getting used to for some road users, and there is so much that you need to know about the overhaul and how it is going to affect your morning - and evening - rush hour. Let's take a look!

The Roads Are Changing

You can't embark on a commute if you don't know which roads have undergone the changed. Baker Street and Gloucester Place are not one-way anymore. They're two-way traffic flow roads, so be mindful if you're crossing or driving or cycling.

When Did All This Happen?

In February, from the 21st-24th, a series of closures in the road allowed the workers to cement the changes in the traffic system. It will take time for people to adjust as Baker Street has been a one-way system for years.

Safer Planning

The whole point behind the changes is to continue to avoid severe injuries on the road and even death while revamping the area to be a little more modern and much safer than it currently is. The two-way system is more accessible for residents and those who work there; which is far more preferable to the one-way system

Catching The Bus?

Heading over to the TfL website now can help you to figure out your bus routes, which are essential if you want to get where you need to go.

Uniformed Stewards

Adjusting to the new layout will take a little time given that it's a busy area, so uniformed stewards have been charged with being present in coloured vests to direct people to stay safe, cross safely and use the roads in a way that is going to keep them from harm. People have already been raving about the pedestrian crossings and the additional help, which proves that this is one of the most positive changes about the new road system that is really paying off already.

Better Crossings, Wider Pavements, Safety

First The change in the direction of the traffic has had a significant impact on the safety of others. With wider pavements and improvements to almost 50 crossings on the road, the new works are going to keep more people safe on their way to work and to the city. There's also promises of better street lighting and reduced clutter in the street, which promote a healthier area in general.

Cyclists Welcome

Cycling in central London is always tricky, but cycle lanes have undergone massive improvements at Baker Street and will continue to be a place that cyclists can enjoy their commute without interruption or worry that they'll be hit by vehicles. The positive changes all around are going to be good for London and great for pedestrians.