Get Ready For Bonfire Night In London

Have you been searching for the ultimate Bonfire Night guide for the dazzling city of London? Well, you’re in luck. On the 5th of November, the skies of London light up with dazzling displays and an array of colours and shades that are not to be missed. Whizzes, bangs and whistles can be heard all throughout the streets, echoing from great green parks and other locations where fireworks are being set off. You’ll find gorgeous, glowing bonfires too, with children and adults alike gathered around the flames watching Guy Fawkes burn bright.

Yes, on Guy Fawkes night as it is sometimes known, we remember a nefarious plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament and King James I. The tradition of celebrating Bonfire Night dates all the way back to 1605 when the original scheme was hatched.

Did you know that to this day, the cellars are searched before each State Opening of Parliament? It’s true! However, on Guy Fawkes Night we forget about the dangers of what could have been and transform the celebration of his arrest into a spectacle alike no other. So, where should you go in London for Bonfire Night this year?

Regents Park

You might be surprised to learn that there isn’t a fireworks display at Regents Park. However, that might be because it actually provides the perfect vantage point for most of the fireworks displays around London. If you want to get the best seat in the house, take the climb up Primrose Hill. You won’t be alone. This is where countless locals head to to get the full view of displays around the centre of the city. It’s free to enter to and the perfect option for a gentler experience.

Soaring Displays At Southwark

This display regularly attracts over thirty thousand people and is one of, if not the largest offerings in Central London. Located on the bank of the Thames, this is the perfect option if you want a fantastic atmosphere . Everyone arrives all wrapped up, ready for a great show. If you join them in 2018, you won’t be disappointed. When the gates open at 5pm, you’ll be welcomed inside and perhaps tempted to grab a bite to eat. Kids can enjoy some good old fashioned family entertainment while the adults watch the effigy of Guy Fawkes burn over a massive bonfire. Later on in the evening, the Fireworks will light up the sky, over the streets of London and you are in for a truly spectacular show. By the time you leave at eight, your eyes will still be lit up with all the wondrous, dazzling delights of the night. 

Leicester Square

If you’re in Leicester Square the fireworks display at Victoria Park is perhaps the best and certainly the closest option. You’re in for a great treat too because this year they are having a monster themed bash in celebration of the classic novel Frankenstein. There’s delicious food, mulled wine and of course some true monstrous pyrotechnic displays.

Wherever you spend Bonfire Night in London, we hope you have a fantastic time with the whole family.