Are you looking for a fantastic way to revitalise the style of your Marleybone Home? Well, the results are in and according to the latest trends, green is the colour that you want to focus on. We’re not talking about energy efficiency here. We literally mean decorating the rooms in your home with beautiful, bright shades of green that will look absolutely stunning. With green shades, you can make a room look warm, welcoming and even get back to nature. From accessories to wallpaper, green is certainly the colour of the season and going green in your Marylebone home could be a fantastic option. Let’s explore the benefits of this option in more detail and determine why it could be the right choice for your property.

Keeping Things Cool

If you are keen to create an area in your home where you can relax, unwind and kick up your feet, then green is a great choice. There are a few reasons for this. First, green reminds us of nature and the outdoors. When we’re around this colour it brings memories of lying on the grass in the summer to the surface or wandering through a forest.

There are lots of different shades to choose from as well. You can literally pick from a palette that resembles and reflects the colours that we see in nature. This is a great choice and will make for a stunning area of your home.

You can ultimately, create an aesthetic in your home that has botanical qualities that you and your family are sure to love. From pastel colours to beautiful prints, there are a variety of choices available on the market to suit every type of style. But what are some of the most popular options for the Marylebone home?


Tropical Wallpaper

This is one of the most popular and dazzling choices on the market today. The wallpaper typically has a green background or olive with black and white prints of tropical plants and flowers. These look tremendous and stand out as a unique feature of any room. It could look particularly wonderful in a sun lounge or conservatory but could suit any area of your home.


Inspiring Places

While some wallpapers take their design from the different broad aesthetics found in nature such as tropical pine trees, others are actually based on real places. For instance, you can get wallpaper inspired by the great vine found at Hampton Court Palace. This beautiful wallpaper looks like painted green foliage and is sure to delight those looking to accentuate a room in their home.


Olive Green

Of course, in some cases, you may just want a full shade without any prints at all. If so, you might want to consider opting for olive green wallpaper. This can be used as a beautiful background in any room. It will bring out different features of an area from wood furniture to elegant kitchen countertops.

We hope you love these ideas and consider going green in your Marylebone home. If you do, we think you’ll be delighted with the new aesthetic and design for your property.