How does a buyer/renter decide what homes they want to view? It’s mainly based on the photos they see of your property. If you have the best pictures, then it entices people to look for more. You want to blow them away, so they’re left with no decision other than to come for a viewing.

Creating the perfect photos of your home can be a tough task. There’s a fine balancing act between making it look homely without going overboard and making it overly personal. So, if you’re looking for some guidelines, then here are a few great photography tips for more viewings on your house:

Ensure your home is well-lit

The lighting is essential when taking photos of your home. Replace any bulbs that are on their last legs, and throw open all your curtains/blinds. Get as much light into your property as possible; this helps enhance the quality of your photos and makes your home look bright and beautiful.

Make sure everything is clean & tidy

Your home will never look appealing if all the rooms are a mess. Get rid of any dirty plates in the kitchen and clean all the surfaces. You want it to look brand new, but with a hint of homeliness in the form of some fridge magnets or your clean mugs. The same goes for your bathroom; clean any dirty surfaces, pick up towels from the floor and make it presentable. Make all the beds in the bedrooms and have a real decluttering session to make them look as spacious as possible. Do this all over your home so you can take photos of a house people can actually imagine themselves living in.

Focus on the key rooms

All homes have key rooms that are more important than others. These are:

●     Kitchen

●     Bathroom

●     Bedrooms

●     Living room


Homebuyers are keen to know what these rooms look like. If a house ticks all the boxes in the key room department, then nothing else really matters. So, focus on these rooms by taking more photos in them. Take pictures from all angles to ensure you really show off the size and features of the rooms. This gives people a better idea of how things look, so they’ll be keen to see more.

Show off your best exterior features

Of course, you have to think about the outside of your house as well. Photos should be taken in the best lighting. Wait until the sun is shining and the sky is blue - this helps create a beautiful backdrop for your home. Also, don’t leave your car in front of your house when you take pictures, you need to show everything! Make an effort to focus on your top exterior features as well. Do you have a big garden? Get a wide-angle shot showing this off. Do you have a beautiful balcony overlooking the street? Make sure this is clearly in shot. Show off these features, and people will be intrigued.

Use these excellent photography tips to promote your home more effectively. Draw people in with your photos, and you leave them wanting more. As a result, you’ll see a dramatic increase in viewings.