If you’re in need of inspiration for kid-friendly activities in and around Marylebone, then the following guide is the perfect solution. We have searched far and wide to compile the best information possible, so that you and your kids will be able to enjoy a variety of days out and family bonding experiences that will live long in the memory.

Thankfully, Marylebone has a wealth of options for child-friendly activities and days out - so, without further ado, here’s a few ideas you may want to consider…

The Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is one of London’s greatest attractions, and also the most cost-effective on our list - given that basic entry is free. There’s plenty to see and do once inside, with the museum a perfect balance of educational aspects with plenty of fun and excitement.

Corams Fields

Corams Fields is an outdoor adventure park spread over seven acres, so if the weather looks good, you can be sure of an incredible experience. As well the usual parks and playgrounds, your kids will also be able to enjoy a paddling pool, a wildlife garden, and even a city farm. It’s the perfect fresh air attraction if you want your kids to get out and about more!


 Hamleys is one of the most famous stores in all of London and makes for a wonderful choice for a rainy day. While it is, in essence, a toy store, the owners of Hamleys have gone out of their way to try and ensure a visit to their store is as magical as it can possibly be. Their arrangements and displays provide an almost museum-like experience, and there’s a wonderful restaurant on site if you wish to stay and enjoy the atmosphere for a little longer.

Science Museum

The Science Museum is the perfect choice for kids who love to experience interactive adventures. The attractions are so well-designed and inventive that your kids will learn without even realising they’re learning, and there’s plenty of attractions - ranging from space themes to botany - for a budding scientist to enjoy. As if all of that wasn’t enough, it is also worth noting that the Science Museum is completely free to visit.

GoBoat London

Exploring London via the water is not a new concept; river tours have been offered by specialist tourist companies for many years. However, GoBoat offers a way of exploring London from the water on your own terms, as their boats are self-driving - and you and your family can pick the route! A fantastic choice that the whole family can enjoy.


The Postal Museum

 On the surface, The Postal Museum may not sound like the most thrilling day out, but there’s plenty to see and experience in this fantastic child-friendly space. There’s a huge play area to enjoy, the Mail Rail train ride, and an on-site restaurant, making this a great choice for children of all ages.


In conclusion

 Finding new and interesting things to do with your kids during half-term in Marylebone is always a challenge. However, with the above guide on mind, you should hopefully be able to plan an itinerary that delights the entire family - enjoy!