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News From The Rental Sector


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  • A Growing Shortage Of Rental Property

    A Growing Shortage Of Rental Property   Whilst interest rates on savings were at all-time lows, many investors turned to bricks and mortar, and the private rental sector (PRS) in particular, for better returns.   The government, concerned landlords were pushing up prices and outbidding first time buyers, introduced a series of measures to curb demand. These included a 3% stamp duty surcharge on landlords and a reduction o...

  • New Rental Rules EPC's

    Ten years ago, in 2008, in an attempt to improve the energy efficiency of our homes and reduce greenhouse gasses, the Government launched Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs). They were compulsory for anyone wanting to market their properties for sale or rent but were mostly ignored by buyers and renters and many in the industry derided them as yet another layer of unnecessary bureaucracy. Then energy prices rocketed and people began to pay ...

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