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What's In Store For The Housing Market This Autumn?


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  • Buying Off Plan. What Should You Think About?

    It isn’t the norm to buy a home that doesn’t even exist yet, but for some homebuyers, it’s becoming more commonplace to secure an off plan property and wait for their dream home to be built.    Here, we’ll discuss the benefits of this and what to expect in terms of how different it is to buying a home that has already been built.   Who Should Think About Buying An Off Plan Property? If yo...

  • Selling in Summer

    ­­These days, most people are aware that the peak times for selling a home are spring and autumn. Summer is traditionally thought of as a quieter period, especially in an area like Marylebone where many of its residents go abroad at that of year.  However, you can’t always choose when to sell, but there are some serious advantages to selling in summer and, statistics show, it’s nowhere near as quiet as you might thin...

  • UK House Prices

    There were further signs that the property market was slowing last month. Although, many of the indices show prices continuing to rise, transaction levels were subdued. Home lenders Nationwide, for example, reported a 2.1% house price rise in March but, at the same time, there was a fall in sales volumes and, according to surveyors, a shortage of new instructions.   The slowdown has been blamed by many on the widening gap between wa...

  • What's In A Survey?

    You’ve chosen your perfect house, your offer has been accepted and now you need a survey. The problem is which one? There are three different types of surveys and there are no hard and fast rules as to which is best for you, because everyone’s circumstances are different. Here’s a rough guide to what’s involved:   Valuation Survey: This is carried out on behalf of the lender to verify the value of the prop...

  • World's Most Expensive Homes

    Have you ever wondered which were the world’s most expensive homes? Where are they? And how much do they cost? Well here you go… Antili If you are expecting them all to be in and around Beverley Hills, you’d be wrong. This spectacular tower block, built in 2006, is in fact a single dwelling and is worth an eye watering $2bn. It’s owned by Mukesh Ambani, reportedly the richest man in India, and is to be found in do...

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